Stephen A. Smith Needs New Sources

07.05.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

July 8 can’t come fast enough. Until NBA free agents can actually sign with the teams that are making the offers – Joe Johnson is staying in Atlanta with a max deal, Amar’e Stoudemire was offered 5 years and $100 million by the Knicks, Dirk Nowitzki is reportedly staying with the Dallas Mavericks, etc. – reporters, analysts and all-around jackasses will continue to “report” what their “sources” are telling them. Like Stephen A. Smith, for instance.

The former ESPN and Philadelphia Inquirer employee and current host of a FOX Sports radio show, Smith openly bragged one week ago that his “source” told him that Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh were a done deal for the Miami Heat. This became huge news (I even wrote about it) and the whirlwind of speculation and rumors has become ridiculous. Smith, of course, was wrong and has since backtracked via Twitter, despite not actually taking credit for his false reporting. Instead, he actually blames Bosh for making him look bad. But hey, that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

Make me believe in credible journalism again, LA Times:

But at some point quality must trump quantity, right? The irony about our media age is that so many “scoops” are arguably less valuable than ever. The second a story is posted, competitors can rewrite the information, repackage it as their own content, and attract tons of traffic without doing much of the heavy journalistic lifting. The Internet has liberated reporters from print deadlines, but it has created an even more intense appetite — and need — for constant content, no matter how trivial or trustworthy. As a result, any bit of semi-newsy information is worth throwing to the masses, especially on a hot story like James.

Sure, this is mostly just a case of the lone dissenter, who bemoans his colleagues for doing what everyone expects and then becomes the anti-attention-whore. But still, this whole thing is absurd. I’m sure that David Stern loves every second of anything that takes the focus off of half the teams in his league failing financially, one of the worst drafts in NBA history, or the desperate attention that needs to be given to the league’s officiating. But hey, as long as Smith has a point to make, we should take him seriously.

Smith also claimed on his Twitter that the Toronto Raptors were looking for draft picks and cash as compensation in a sign-and-trade for Bosh. Too bad the Raptors announced that they will not help Bosh by completing a sign-and-trade. So 0-for-2, I guess.

And yes, he did Tweet at me today. Made my year to have my employment questioned by a guy who was just “let go” by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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