Stephen A. Smith’s Famous ‘TAke A Look, Y’all’ Tweet Got The Nike Kaepernick Ad Meme Treatment

Associate Editor

Stephen A. Smith oftentimes finds himself on the receiving end of jokes. It is a testament to him that he seems to generally be cool with them, even if those jokes happen because of something that Smith does, whether it be on ESPN, a soap opera, or social media. He is a provocateur, and like most provocateurs, he knows that he has to be able to take punches as hard as he throws them.

For example, in May of 2015, Smith sent out this tweet.

I love this dearly. It is, in every sense of the word, a work of art, and it has been the butt of both jokes and admiration from all corners of the internet. Some of the things that make it an exemplary tweet: The unnecessary capitalization in the word “take”; the use of the word “y’all”; the invitation to the Twitter masses to look at what he is trying to post; the lack of an image and, instead, text to indicate he wanted to put a jpeg there; the fact that it was never deleted and lives on in internet infamy, and no one has any idea exactly what Smith was trying to post; his one reply to something someone said about the tweet, which implies that he legitimately has no idea what is happening or why someone found humor in it in the first place.

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