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Knicks point guard Stephon Marbury testified at the Anucha Browne Sanders-Isiah Thomas sexual harassment lawsuit yesterday, and it was predictably awesome.  Besides confirming that he had sex with a Knicks intern in his truck, Marbury confirmed his dislike of Browne Sanders, then spilled the crazy on his way out of the courthouse.

"Yes, I called her a bitch," Marbury said. "I said a lot of different things…I may have said f– her. I didn't call her a black bitch." …

The hoops player then left the courthouse, grinning ear-to-ear and hopped into an elevator with a group of reporters, and said, "Man, money makes you do crazy things." Then the star paused and weirdly added, "I'm talking about that man who tried to jump off the thing for the cash."

Asked about his antics with the intern as he walked down the street, a swaggering Marbury launched into obsessive commentary on one reporter's tie and another reporter's shoes and said, "I'm going to let you write what you all think." … When the questions continued, the basketball big burst into song until he was safely in his car.

The man… who jumped off the thing… for the cash?  I have to hand it to the reporters who wrote down Marbury's quotes.  If I had a pen and notepad in front of me while Marbury spoke, I could probably write down half a sentence before my hand just automatically drew a cuckoo clock.  Then I'd write KAAAA-RAA-ZAYYY.  There are reality shows on VH1 with more grounded people.

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