Steve Smith Kept It Extremely Real About How Bad Brock Osweiler Is On NFL Network

04.28.17 2 years ago

Brock Osweiler was unceremoniously dumped by the Texans earlier in the offseason, when Houston determined it was better to give the Browns a second round pick and Osweiler in exchange for a sixth round pick just to unload his salary. That had to be a humbling moment for the one-time first round pick of the Denver Broncos, who was expected to be the Texans franchise quarterback after signing a $72 million deal in the offseason.

That obviously didn’t pan out and the Texans chose to cut bait one year into the deal rather than hope things got better. The Texans, somewhat ironically, made another trade with the Browns in order to acquire their new quarterback of the future on Thursday night, moving up to No. 12 to take Deshaun Watson. Cleveland, meanwhile, is without a quarterback for the future — no one thinks Osweiler will last particularly long with the Browns — but they passed up on Watson to move down and did not take a quarterback with any of their three picks in the first round.

During pre-draft coverage on Friday, the NFL Network crew debated whether Cleveland could find someone on Day 2 that would be better than Osweiler, and Steve Smith kept it very, very real as Steve Smith always does.

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