Stick A Fork In WWE’s Jim Ross

04.02.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

It says a lot about pro wrestling today that their biggest newsmakers have been squabbles over arena rights with NBA teams and all of its legends retiring. Add beloved announcer Jim Ross to that list of the latter. Ross said he is “likely” done behind the mic for WWE, and there was no greater evidence of that than his on-camera absence from WrestleMania last Sunday. That absence came despite a significant lobbying effort from both Shawn Michaels and “The Undertaker” Mark Calaway, who both wanted Ross to call their main event match.

While the decision to keep Ross off the show was made several weeks ago, there were still many who hoped Vince McMahon would change his mind come game time. The issue of adding Ross to the main-event panel came up one final time during WrestleMania week, but McMahon shot it down, arguing that the company could not live in the past and that because Ross was not going to be returning as a full-time commentator, the WM26 slot should not be taken away from regulars Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Matt Striker. –Headline Planet.

I get it; it doesn’t make sense to bring in a guy for one match and ruffle the feathers of the people that’ll be working for you down the line, even if that guy is Jim Ross. My view on Vince McMahon has really evolved over the years from “vicious tyrant” to “not-so-vicious tyrant” to “guy that has to decide which half of the room he’s going to piss off on a given day.” Of course, this is the same guy that started the XFL, so maybe I’m giving him too much credit.

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