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If you’d been paying attention to how the NFL Draft has been shaping up, you knew that most people had Ohio State’s Chris “Beanie” Wells (above) and Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno as 1 and 1-A on the big board. But that standing could be in jeopardy after both players posted disappointing 40 times in the combine over the weekend. From Y! Sports:

Wells posted a 40 in the 4.55-4.6 range, which was a solid but not stunning number for his size.

Moreno’s time was troubling. When the week started, a handful of coaches and personnel suggested Moreno as the guy who could help himself with a great workout. And while he fared well in the agility drills, his 40 was clocked in a lukewarm 4.55-4.65 range. Some personnel men were predicting something closer to 4.45. has the best 40 times here, and also some advice on how to actually run the 40, which is bullshit, because if I wanted to travel that far I’d take the bus. Have you ever tried reading in a dead sprint? I did. Once.

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