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Oh, hello there.  Perusing the Internet on a Saturday, are you?  Well, you must be just made of free time.  Someone else doing your errands for you, your highness?  Then you’ve got all day to check these links out.

  • Animals pick Super Bowl winners.  Well, the meerkats picked Arizona, but what does Erudite Ferret say?  [First Cuts]
  • Chris Mottram rounds up his week in Tampa… and then leaves before the game.  Ha ha, sucker.  [The Sporting Blog]
  • The babes of the Super Bowl.  Hmm.  Needs more… nope, actually it has enough boobs.  [Gunaxin]
  • Cardinals and Steelers fans can order “Super Bowl XLIII Champions” t-shirts.  I’ll put this out there: I will pay top-dollar for a Seahawks Super Bowl XL champs t-shirt.  Medium, though — not XL.  Does that make sense?  [Busted Coverage]
  • Well, well, well… look who’s fallen for the siren song of football. [FreeDarko]
  • A fight on Radio Row!  Sadly, no sports talk DJs were killed.  Will that medium hurry up and die already?  [Sports Radio Interviews]

Now go outside and get some fresh air already!  You look terrible.

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