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The gods of preseason football have always smiled on Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, especially if the free agent gods have not. But that sounds like we’re subscribing to some sort of pro football polytheism that tugs the ebb and flow of all living things, and that’s just too deep for 10 AM on a Wednesday. Blockquote me, Jeeves:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter said during halftime of the Jets-Ravens game that this sentiment still exists in some corners of the Minnesota locker room.

It’s likely gotten stronger in light of the fact that Jackson pitched a perfect game on Friday night, generating a highest-possible 158.3 passer rating on 15 attempts. via.

I don’t know why anybody cites the passer rating stat, since nobody seems to know what the hell it means, and 12-for-15, while very good, is not perfect, if I could split such a hair. Brought in as a developmental project by the Childress regime in 2006 out of I-AA Alabama State, Jackson was slow to pick up the offense. But in three starts at the end of last season, Jackson led the team to two wins, completing at least 61 percent of his passes in each game, throwing 7 TDs to 1 interception against Arizona, Atlanta, and the Giants–all playoff teams.

It’s a damn shame that Brett Favre picked now to ride into Minneapolis on his Tractor Without Shame. Jackson was finally shaping up to be the leader that Childress had envisioned. Same thing happened when I met this girl sophomore year of high school. I finally worked up the nerve to ask her out, only to find out that she fell into the polar bear habitat at the zoo and drowned. But that’s life sometimes.

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