The Cop That Pulled Over Joey Porter Has A DUI Of His Own

03.30.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

I guess it takes one to know one. California Highway Patrol officer Jerritt Greer, the cop that arrested Steelers Dolphins Cardinals linebacker Joey Porter last was arrested for DUI in 2008.

The police report states “Greer was driving erratically”. Greer displayed symptoms of alcohol intoxication and showed impairment during sobriety field tests, according to the arresting officer’s report.

Greer provided two evidentiary breath tests with a result of .10 percent and .11 percent blood alcohol content. The legal limit is .08 percent. –Bakersfield Now.

Greer’s case is still pending. How convenient. But sounds even more suspect after considering how the CHiPs apprehended Porter to begin with.

[T]he first man stopped by officers — who Porter followed into a parking lot that led to his arrest — got off scot-free.

The incident happened at about 1:40 a.m. Saturday when a two-man CHP car pulled over a car that went into the parking lot of the Taco Bell at Hageman Road and Calloway Drive.

McGuire said the man driving that car did not have a front license plate. That man was neither cited nor arrested, McGuire said. It is the type of violation which may result in just a warning, he said.

But as one officer was talking with that driver, Porter drove into the parking lot behind the CHP car, officers reported. Rodriguez disputes this account, saying that Porter went into the lot some distance away from the patrol car and was just watching. An officer had no reason to contact Porter, Rodriguez said.

But Officer Jeritt Greer went up to Porter and detected an odor of alcohol, the CHP reported. –

Hmmm. Cop goes out of his way to “detect alcohol” on a black guy driving a Mercedes? Nothing suspicious about that. Of course, I say that as a white guy that drives a Hyundai. Cops have to cover their faces when they pull me over, as if I could speed in that rice burner to begin with.

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