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When Sean Avery announced his internship at Vogue this summer, it seemed like the kind of idiotic premise Hollywood producers would make a horrible movie out of.  Oh hey guess what?

Do real men wear Prada?  New Line Cinema will presumably answer that question in a film about professional hockey player Sean Avery’s experiences in the fashion world, including his stint as a summer intern at a fashion magazine…

The movie will be a romantic comedy.

And it will be delightful, I’m sure.  I never tire of learning about the different ways people in fashion are shallow and mean.  So far we’ve had a movie about an awkward “smart” girl who makes her way through the fashion industry, and there’s also a TV show about an ugly girl making her way through the fashion industry, and now there’s gonna be a movie about a big tough hockey player making his way through the fashion industry.  There’s still lots of tread on those tires, Hollywood.  What if a vampire tried to make his way through the fashion industry?  No wait!  A zombie!  Or how about a dinosaur?  A robot dinosaur!!!!  That would be totally ZANY AND HILARIOUS!!!

[Uproxx synergy: FILMDRUNK]

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