12.03.08 9 years ago 12 Comments

Unlike Plaxico Burress, some NFL players get really shot, and not as a result of their own stupidity.  Richard Collier barely survived a murder attempt in September that led the the amputation of a leg and paralysis below the waist, and the Orlando Sentinel landed the first interview with Collier, who says he “remembers everything” about the shooting.

“When I got in the ambulance, I remember they were counting bullets,” Collier said. “I was like man, that’s a lot.”  Collier was shot 14 times.

Hell yes that’s a lot.  That’s a lot for 50 Cent.

“I realized now how much strength I really have, how much patience I have.  I’ve realized there’s so much more to me than playing football.”

Anyone who gets their life turned into shit by some asshole and still comes out of it with a positive attitude gets a tip of the cap from me.  I mean, if some mom accidentally bumps her stroller into me it ruins my day.  I’m really in no position to talk about losing a leg and being paralyzed.

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