03.06.07 11 years ago 10 Comments

Just who, exactly, are the Phillies trying to get into the ballpark this year? I've seen some strange promotions, but this one seems like maybe not so great of an idea (last item).

For quirky, though, it'll be hard to beat June 26's "Stitch 'n' Pitch Night," when fans are encouraged to bring knitting, stitching, quilting or other projects to the game.

Yes, yes… Tens of thousands of Philadelphians carrying around ten-inch needles. What could possibl-eye go wrong?

For the record, the Reds will be in town that night. I better sell my Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr rookie card before he loses both his eyes to quilting needles. Of course, that's assuming he can make it as far as June 26th without a hamstring injury.

Also, as 289 has implied, it might be wise for Brett Myers's wife to go visit family that week. I'd hate for her to accidentally fall down some stairs and get strangled by some yarn. Just because she wouldn't listen.

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