11.02.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

If you’ve given even a cursory glance at the Saints’ remaining schedule, you’d see that aside from tonight’s game with the Falcons (as 11.5-point favorites) and another Monday night tilt against the New England Patriots in four weeks, there’s really no game on their schedule that they can’t win. The New Orleans Saints could be our second team to finish the regular season undefeated in three years.

Let’s gander at the rest of the schedule after today: only one cold-weather game, and only three other games against teams with winning records–New England in four weeks, and then Atlanta again two weeks after that, and then a Dallas team that seems to have finally found its rhythm. The rest of the campaign is against sub-.500 teams, either in domes or in warm-weather citites. That’s terrific news for Drew Brees and a defense that’s allowed only 92 yards per game, on average.

Brees and the Saints have been the best team to watch; nearly all of their games have been high-scoring affairs. Brees is having a good-but-not-really-elite season, and he’s distributing the ball to everyone. The Saints have six players averaging at least 10 yards per catch.

And I guess Atlanta’s pretty good, too. But they’re 27th in pass D and plus they play their home games in Georgia, where people try to tell you that they don’t watch the NFL because the players make too much money. Look, Billy Joe, when you find me a schoolteacher or a firefighter that can throw 35 touchdowns in a season, we’ll talk. Otherwise, enjoy the game. It should be a good one.

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