06.25.07 11 years ago 37 Comments

I don't know who Gray Maynard or Robert Emerson are, but here they are on the season finale of The Ultimate Fighter.  As best I can tell from my intrepid reporting (reading other people's accounts of the story), Emerson was already getting his ass handed to him when Maynard slammed him to the canvas.  The force of the slam led Emerson to tap out — *cough* pussy *cough* — only Maynard never felt the tap, because he knocked himself out when his head hit the canvas.  You can hear Joe Rogan's head nearly explode.  God, he's an awful color guy.  Someone should just pay him to heckle Carlos Mencia full-time.

Anyway, the referee then ruled the fight no contest because neither fighter could continue.  And the house wins!

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