The Vikings Need A Wide Receiver. Interested?

08.26.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

It wasn’t long after Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Fave returned to the practice field that most of his receivers started to disappear from it. Just in the last week, Percy Harvin and Sidney Rice, who together accounted for almost exactly half of Favre’s 4,202 passing yards in 2009, went down with migraines and hip surgery, respectively. Rice, who wandered into the last year of his contract after having put off surgery, will miss the first 8 weeks of the season. The Vikings, meanwhile, are scrambling to replace the personnel in the same way that I drive to McDonald’s at 10:28 in the morning. Because I really like their breakfast, see.

The Vikings scrambled this week to add depth to a receiving corps that’s short on experience, signing veteran free agent Javon Walker on Tuesday and trading with the Miami Dolphins for slot receiver Greg Camarillo on Wednesday.

Walker caught passes from Favre for four years in Green Bay, but he had just 41 receptions in the last three years in Denver and Oakland.

Camarillo had 105 receptions for 1,165 yards and two touchdowns over the last two seasons in Miami. –

It always amazes me that instead of starting the bad players on their own bench, NFL teams go out and bring other bad players into the fold. You could make a case that both guys were stuck with bad quarterbacks in JaMarcus Russell and Chad Henne, but how much better could they be than Taye Biddle? At least one can enjoy saying the name “Taye Biddle,” even during the agony of getting crushed by the Saints in Week 1. What’s that? Biddle hasn’t caught a ball since 2006? Never mind then.

By the way, Harvin’s status is still up in the air, even after returning to practice yesterday, five days after collapsing and vomiting on the field. Jeez, Percy. I know we’re all sick of this Brett Favre business, but hold it together, will ya?

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