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12.20.10 7 years ago

NBA Hall-Of-Famer and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley has opinions on stuff, and even when he’s wrong, he’s a fascinating listen. Over the last seven days, Sir Charles sounded off on a host of issues, and we’ve collected a modest one-stop sampling of those opinions for your enjoyment.

Barkley on Washington Wizards rookie John Wall missing a game last week with tendinitis (it was later reported to be a bone bruise).

“John Wall, I love you, but you can’t miss games with tendinitis.”

On Brett Favre’s alleged sexting with a female New York Jets employee.

“My biggest problem with the whole Brett Favre thing is if you’re going to send a woman a picture of your junk, it should be huge. … That’s one of the Ten Commandments.”

On major-league pitcher Cliff Lee, who used to wear the same number Barkley wore with the Sixers, returning to Philadelphia.

“It’s great for the Philly fans,” Charles Barkley told us yesterday. “As a fan, I just think that you want a legitimate shot to win every year.

“The Phillies for the next three or five years are going to have a legitimate shot to win, and that’s awesome. I’d be honored if they Lee [and Roy Halladay both] wore 34. [Halladay currently wears No. 34 for the Phillies.]

On his alma mater, Auburn, reaching the BCS Title Game in college football, and Mark Cuban’s announcement to explore the possibility of a playoff.

I think Oregon and Auburn are the two best teams. But you look at Stanford, you look at TCU, there are a bunch of good teams out there. I just hate the BCS. It’s got the two good initials – the B.S. But I hate the BCS in general. And Mark, Mark’s a good dude. We need to do something to fix college football because like I said, it worked out great this year.

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I love Charles, he’s the chubby uncle I wish I had growing up. I hope he does run for governor of Alabama in 2014. It would be like Obama times a thousand. “Our governor’s black…Roll Tide.

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