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Just about everyone that saw the Aussie presser of Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan engaged in fisticuffs just though, “Yep, those two are at it again.” Even when photos of a bloodied Hulkster surfaced on line, nobody really thought of it as anything other than “business as usual.” Well, nobody but TMZ.

Hogan and Flair were in Australia to promote an upcoming wrestling event, when all of the sudden they began to beat the crap out of each other … Flair socking Hogan in the head over and over and over.

We know — you’re thinking it’s all BS to promote the fight, but we spoke with somebody in Hulk’s camp who insists the entire thing was real … the blood and the injuries. TMZ

Well sure, the blood’s real. But how could this be anything other than your garden-variety blade job? Watch the video after the jump. Bandana on…no blood. Bandana off…blood everywhere. But seriously, these two wanted press for their tour, and they got it. So, g’job them. Here’s one shrimp on the barbie for each of you.

vid from Camel Clutch Blog.

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