Tom Brady Called Out By Justin Bieber?!

10.14.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Tom Brady’s longer hairstyle has been the subject of a lot of discussion this season, which is great if you would rather forego the intricacies of America’s game and then talking about some dude’s hair (and yet Drew Brees’s decaying ‘Bama Bangs get a pass). Joining the conversation of Brady’s Bieber-esque bob: Bieber himself, who wrote a cute little song about it. No, he didn’t auto-tune it just to be funny. He really just can’t sing. That video is after the jump.

Seriously, who really cares that much about Tom Brady’s hair? Aren’t we more concerned about why the hell the Patriots decided to pull Deion Branch out of Seattle? Or why Logan Mankins decided to come back? Of course not. We’re too stupid to think about that sort of OMG IT’S A CAT DRIVING A CAR!

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