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Tommy Bowden is a blessed man. Born with one of the golden names in college football, Bowdenrose quickly through the coaching ranks, landing at Clemson with only two years of head coaching experience. That pedigree was on display last Saturday night when Bowden’s Tigers took on Alabama, only to be molested like a Japanese teen using public transportation. Reeling from defeat, Bowden sought advice from a most unusual place–his vanquisher, Alabama coach Nick Saban.

“As I talked to coach Saban, I said, ‘I’m not one to have enough pride where I’ve got all the answers. I see you got six months to study me, a guy like you, what did you see?” Bowden said Tuesday.

Saban wasn’t the only high-profile coach Bowden called on this week. He said he also spoke with his father, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden; Georgia coach Mark Richt and Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer about how the Tigers would recover from the beatdown at the Georgia Dome.

“I’m always trying to learn and correct mistakes and solve potential problems,” he said.

And I’m sure that Richt and Saban picked Tommy’s brain as well. Those discussion topics would have included how Bowden gets his teams rated so high every year, only to have them plummet out of contention like clockwork. Don’t sell yourself short, Tommy! It usually takes us until mid-October to remember what a horrible game-day coach you are. You’re like six weeks ahead of schedule! Let’s go celebrate at TD’s. You know it’s meatloaf day today. Mmmmm, meatloaf with failure sauce. Just thinking about it makes me want to underachieve right now.


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