01.30.07 11 years ago 5 Comments

For those of you still undecided about whom to root for in the Super Bowl, you can now factor Tony Dungy's homophobia into the equation. Yes, as has been noted elsewhere, Dungy will be honored at a benefit hosted by the Indiana Family Institute, which is on the record for hating the "expanding homosexual agenda" in Indiana.

This story carries the stink politics, so I'm going to withhold my opinion. Besides, I'm adamantly opposed to judging anyone on this site. That would be wrong. But I can't help but feel that Dungy REALLY doesn't like the look that Brian Urlacher gives Peyton Manning in this old MasterCard video that MJD found.

(p.s. Is there another dork in the NFL who could pull off the "hand clap with double finger-point" more believably than Peyton? I say no.)

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