Middleweight Champ Michael Bisping Went Full Heel With His ‘Caveman’ Yoel Romero Impression

UFC middleweight champ Michael Bisping does not think much of Yoel Romero. At least, that’s what the English fighter’s a**hole-y impression of the bypassed title contender seems to suggest. Did I say “suggest?” I mean spell out rather clearly.

Bisping uncorked his Romero impression on last night’s edition of UFC Tonight during the show’s “Shot Callers” segment. The PTI-esque bit had Bisping and Kenny Florian role playing as assorted fighters and called out future opponents as part of the impression. When Bisping got to Romero, things got bizarre and nasty.

“He definitely is a loser,” began Bisping before launching into his impression. “I’M A CAVEMAN! EYYYRRRR! MIGH! I LUH U!”

Essentially, Bisping’s Yoel Romero impression was largely crouching, guttural noises and insisting that Romero is a caveman. Why? Dude, I don’t f*cking know. If you can sort it out, please mail the answer via postcard to the usual address.

“Now Yoel really doesn’t like you,” responded a giggly Florian to Bisping’s unflattering homage.

As far trash talk goes, this is far from Bisping’s best work and seems to back up future Bisping opponent Georges St-Pierre’s assertion that the English vet isn’t top of the table when it comes to talking sh*t. (Romero is currently outclassing Bisping in that department.) At best it’s just insulting and at worst it’s some really questionable optics. That said, it certainly sets the table for an easily promotable Romero fight if such a thing comes into view.

(Via MMA Mania)