Michael Bisping Barely Defeats The Retiring Dan Henderson In A Bloody, Wild Brawl

Entertainment Editor

Mixed Martial Arts is a cruel sport in which no one ever goes out on top, or even near the top. Great fighters whose Wikipedia pages are filled with green win columns start looking like red stoplights as they head home for good. Dan Henderson, at 46 years old, would come incredibly close to putting a perfect end on his career. Alas, despite dropping Bisping multiple times and bloodying the Brit, the judges gave the hometown boy the nod.

Round one was all Hendo, despite looking like the 46-year-old man he is. He cut Bisping’s forehead, then caught him with an H-Bomb that dropped Bisping to the mat where Hendo would follow-up with a flurry of elbows.

Round 2 was Bisping finding his range and showing off his superior cardio until he got dropped AGAIN by Hendo’s H-Bomb after he kicked Hendo in the nuts. This fight was living up to the hype and more. Bisping was bloody and Hendo was getting tired.

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