Michael Bisping Holds An Unfortunate UFC Record After His TKO Loss To Kelvin Gastelum

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Along with all of the glorious historical records that Michael Bisping gets to hang his hat on after a long and fruitful UFC career, there are also quite a few reminders that in MMA, the good comes with the bad. Bisping now has the record for being the most knocked down fighter in UFC history.

Yes, after his loss to Georges St-Pierre earlier in the month, Bisping is now tied for the most wins in UFC history at 20, and after his quick loss to Kelvin Gastelum in Shanghai Saturday morning, he is tied with Tito Ortiz and Frank Mir with the most fights in UFC history at 27, so if Bisping goes out with a win, which he says he wants to this spring, then there’s a great chance he remains at the top of the history books in multiple categories.

But, the subtext of that knockdown record is Bisping setting it just 21 days after he was rocked, knocked down, and choked unconscious by GSP, cementing his place in history via vicious left from Gastelum.

Bisping, for all his antics and questionable turns of phrase, is one of the sharpest and most interesting people the UFC can roll out on the cameras each week. In an era in which people are more aware of CTE and concussions, hopefully, Bisping wraps up his career and doesn’t end up with another knockdown on his record as soon as he’s healthy.