Uncle Howdy And The Wyatt Sicks Arrived On WWE Raw

Uncle Howdy and the Wyatt Sicks have finally arrived on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Jey Uso, who has recently claimed Bray Wyatt’s fireflies as his own, was successful in qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match to close out Raw. As he celebrated in the audience, the lights went out around the arena.

While music played, a door creaked open at the top of the entrance ramp and out crawled a woman to Wyatt’s infamous lamp. The camera panned to the backstage area, where fellow members of the new Wyatt clan had laid out members of the roster, dismantled the gorilla backstage position, and had effectively taken over the backstage area.

To end the show, Uncle Howdy pulled the Wyatt Sicks together and posed on stage, saying “We’re here,” before blowing the lamp out. As far as tributes go to the late, great Bray Wyatt, it was about as perfectly executed as they could do. After weeks teasing their arrival, the only question remaining is the identity of the new Wyatt family — it has been reported for quite some time Uncle Howdy is Bo Dallas, the real life brother of Wyatt.

The return of the Wyatts comes after an eventful episode that saw Seth Rollins return to challenge Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight championship at Money in the Bank, Otis turn on Chad Gable, and Drew McIntyre “retiring” from WWE.