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New Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, renown for his improvisational abilities on the field, showed a disciplined adherence to his message off it yesterday, when “60 Minutes” aired its interview with him last night. And that message seems to be, “I will say anything to get my old job back.” We’ve been there a couple of times. Yes, I know I got in trouble. Yes, I knew it was wrong. No, it won’t happen again. Can I go now?

James Brown: When did you get that feeling of disgust [from your actions in running a dogfighting ring]? When did the light go on?

Vick: When I was in prison…I was disgusted…because of what I let happen to those animals.[…]

ASYLUM POLL: Do you think Michael Vick truly regrets it?

You can watch the video in two parts after the jump. And I suspect you will see a guy–who apparently was flanked by Tony Dungy and some white dude from the humane society for the entire interview–who has learned absolutely nothing. And that’s fine. He’s gone to jail. He’s endured the public wrath, and he’s going to go back to work. But it’s really stunning that a guy could spend two years in jail and not have a single varnished thought that he could share with the outside world. What a contrast from the player that dazzled us week after week. And what about Uncle Tom Dungy, who seems to think that giving a second chance to an almost-but-not-quite washout is of greater worth to his time than the anonymous men still in jail that never had a chance at all.

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