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Shaun Alexander capped five consecutive seasons of terrific production for the Seahawks in 2005, an MVP season in which he rushed for 1880 yards and scored a then-record 28 touchdowns.  After that, All-Pro guard Steve Hutchinson left, Alexander's running back shelf life expired at age 30, and he spent the last two seasons bouncing between injured and slow/ineffective.  The Seahawks finally cut him this offseason, and the former All-Pro still hasn't found a team.

One intrepid reporter, Shannon Owens of the Orlando Sentinel, claims it's not Alexander's age, deteriorating body, or two years of missed blocks, stone hands out of the backfield, and soft running that's preventing him from finding work.  Oh no: it's because he places Christianity before football.

Maybe if playing football was his only goal, some GMs wouldn't have called Alexander, 30, washed up. "He's never been known as a very tough player, and there have always been questions about his attitude," an NFC general manager said. "I'm not saying that because he's out there [unsigned] now. I would have told you the same thing four or five years ago. Basically I don't like him [as a back], and I don't trust him."…

[W]hat has a running back with nearly 10,000 career rushing yards, who never has been arrested or embroiled in law-breaking drama, done to engender mistrust? It's wrong for anyone to question Alexander's motives, given what he has accomplished, and this one reeks of a personal attack.

I think Shannon is maybe — just MAYBE — taking some liberty with that quote.  Everyone knows Shaun Alexander is nice.  I would trust him to take care of niece.  I would NOT trust him to catch a swing pass or convert a 3rd-and-1.  And I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that that NFC GM wasn't talking about my niece.

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