What Do Tara Reid And The Oakland Raiders Have In Common?*

09.17.10 8 years ago 4 Comments

Hey, I know Tara hasn’t done anything worth mentioning since 2003. But to be fair, neither have the Raiders. The only difference is that one of them still occasionally makes it onto television, as long as they’re not blacked out. Actually, I was talking about the Raiders.

It won’t be the only NFL game blacked out in California on Sunday, as the San Diego Chargers’ game against the Jacksonville Jaguars also failed to sell out.

Since moving to Oakland in 1995, the Raiders have had 76 of their 120 home games blacked out. –via USA Today.

For those unfamiliar, the gist is that if a team can’t sell out its game within 72 hours of kickoff, the NFL pulls it off TV in that market. The rub is that both the Raiders and the Chargers had the option of buying up their remaining tickets at a league-approved price of 37 cents on the dollar to beat the ban, and chose not to do so. Even the managements don’t want people to see those games. I guess that if all the stabbings and beatings in the stadium continue, the Raiders will have eventually killed off their entire fanbase. Yay Darwinism!

*ten cents to @Brandon_ROTU for the headline.

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