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After reading this USA Today article from a week ago about the Giles brothers (Marcus and Brian), suddenly Greg Maddux peeing on teammates doesn't sound quite so strange. It's really too much material for one blog post; I kind of just want to put the entire profile in block quotes. But here's a taste:

"I'd be in (former manager Bruce) Bochy's office having a serious meeting and Brian would come in there fully naked, showing his batting stance," the GM [Kevin Towers] says. "He's normal except for the tanning booths, shaving his body and walking around with no clothes. One Giles is enough. I'm not sure if I can handle two of them."

Also revealed in the story: the brothers shave their bodies in the shower together in part to disturb pitcher Chris Young; Brian jokes that his parents work in the sex industry; Marcus claims that he hasn't put on makeup since he was five ("when [he] wanted to be a little girl"); and Brian says that his family won a karaoke contest when he was young because his mother's breast fell out of her shirt.

Listen, I don't pretend to know what it's like in a major league clubhouse, and I definitely understand that nudity is a part of locker room humor, but you just don't make jokes about your mom getting naked on stage. Unless, you know, she's a trick-ass ho. Then it's cool.

Note: Thankfully, the Dugout gives meaning to our lives by covering this story. 

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