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Mavericks point guard and fading NBA star Jason Kidd got tired of his beautiful, unfamous model girlfriend Hope Dworaczyk (whom he reportedly impregnated) and is now dating beautiful, famous model May Andersen.  Why?  Presumably because her name is easier to spell.  And also because he's a dick.  From the New York Post:

Andersen, who was linked to Kid Rock, is now dating Dallas Maverick Jason Kidd. "They just spent the week in Palm Beach," said our source, "and are planning to go to Europe together."

You know, I was mistakenly led to believe that if you're a man who has a reputation for beating his wife and groping women's crotches in clubs, then it would actually be harder to date other women.  It must be really nice to be a famous basketball player.  A girl can be all, "I heard what you did to your wife, jerk!" and then you can be like, "Sure, I knocked her around a little… but watch this crossover!"

And then BAM!  Unprotected sex, baby.  Oh yeah.  "Sure, we can go to Europe.  It'll be a blast as long as you don't get all pregnant and fat."

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