‘Why Is Everybody Running Onto The Field?’

11.09.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Fun story out of the New York Jets press conference today: Nick Folk pulled sort of a Donovan McNabb after he kicked the game-winning field goal to put his team over the Detroit Lions in OT on Sunday.

Unaware that the overtime rule changes adopted during the off-season applied only during the playoffs, Folk thought the Lions would get possession if he made the kick.

Said Folk, with a smile: “That is why that might have been the worst game-winning celebration ever.”

Added Rex Ryan: “I thought that was hilarious … Hey, he made the kick. That’s all that matters. We’ll explain the rule book to him later.”

–Fifth Down, via NY Mag.

Alright, Nick. You see that big-assed Y at the end of the field. That guy’s gonna hold the ball on the ground there, and then you kick the ball through it. Cool? Cool. The NY Mag folks were also good enough to make the obligatory Donovan McNabb jokes. Whatever. He’s a kicker. As long as he doesn’t try to eat the ball, he’s cool.

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