03.12.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

Because mediocre is a drastic improvement, Isiah Thomas got himself a multi-year extension from the Knicks over the weekend.

The New York Times, citing a person "briefed on the matter," says Thomas will sign the new deal to remain both team president and head coach on Monday. The Knicks are 29-34, but are in the hunt for their first playoff berth since 2004.

I really have to credit Isiah here. He's a much better evil genius than anyone gives him credit for. He knew he had a one-year contract, and if the Knicks were as bad as last year's team that won 23 games under Larry Brown, he'd be unemployed — probably for the rest of his life, unless somebody needed their business to be driven into the ground, or there was some kind of musical called "Springtime for Hitler" that needed directing.

So what does he do? He actually does a decent job of coaching for one year, encouraging the Knicks to play just well enough to barely miss the playoffs in the ridiculously thin Eastern Conference in order to achieve his long-term goal: continue to make back-breaking decisions that will hinder the franchise over the long term. Well played, Zeke. Well played.

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