Tesla And SolarCity Merge, Making Cars Run By The Sun A Real Possibility

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08.01.16 3 Comments


While Elon Musk has been talking like it’s a done deal, it wasn’t until this morning that SolarCity and Tesla, both owned by Musk, officially declared that they were planning to merge. It’s not quite set in stone, though. Musk, as the main player in both companies, had to recuse himself from voting on the deal. But it seems likely to happen, and then the two will take on possibly their biggest opponent: the nation’s love of gasoline.

The High Cost Of Gas

America is a country powered by fossil fuels. We go through nearly 20 million barrels of oil a day, and most of that is in the form of fuel. Gasoline for our cars, diesel for our trucks, aviation fuel, heating fuel, all of it burns across the country 24 hours a day, seven days a year, and scientists agree that our love of Texas tea isn’t a good thing. This year has been the hottest Earth has ever seen, and if that feels like a familiar headline, it’s because 2015 previously held that record.

Something needs to change, which is basically the line that launched Tesla’s quest to make electric cars for the mainstream. It’s worked, too. Tesla, while small, has managed to sell thousands of cars in an industry littered with failed companies. What Tesla needs to compete with the big auto manufacturers, though, is an abundance of places for Tesla owners to plug in — both to support its vehicles and its master plan. That’s where Solar City comes in, with plug-in kiosks powered by solar technology and solar panels on the roof of every Tesla. Which raises the question, “Will it work?”

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