Let’s Examine Sterling Archer’s Mommy Issues

06.11.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

As head of The International Secret Intelligence Service (if we used the actual acronym, this post would probably be flagged by the government), Malory Archer usually spends her days knocking back cocktails in her office as she sends her son, Sterling, out to risk his life as the world’s worst/greatest secret agent.

But it doesn’t take a spy to realize that these two have a lot of unresolved issues dating back to when Malory abandoned him until he was five and set up a fake funeral for his fake father.

When Sterling and Malory aren’t loathing each other’s existence, they’re loving each other way too much. They know far more about each other’s sex lives than any child and parent should.

I may not have a PhD in family psychology, but there’s a lot to analyze in the complicated mother-son dynamic of Malory and Sterling Archer and the awkward, twisted moments it creates. So how about we give it a shot?

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