A Comprehensive Guide To Halloween Costumes From This Year's TV Shows

After watching nearly every Halloween-themed episode that aired this year, I learned one thing and one thing only: I love the sh*t out of Halloween episodes. Even The Simpsons‘ “Treehouse of Horror” series, which hasn’t been stellar in at least a decade, is still something I look forward to every year. Did I laugh at one joke in The Neighbors, solely because Halloween? Yes, yes, I did, making me the only person to have done so in the show’s existence. After viewing so many themed shows, I decided to put together a post of every costume main characters wore on over two dozen Halloween episodes. I also included some that haven’t aired yet, like Happy Endings and New Girl, which looks great, despite the show missing an opportunity to dress Zooey as her sister’s character from Bones. Then Zooey > Emily would have been settled once and for all.

Sexy nurse.

Tippi Hedren from The Birds and cowboy.

Sexy Romans, or something?

Freddy Krueger monkey.

Closet noose guy?

Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks

Dog shark.


Dr. George Coleman and Dr. Rizzo the Monkey impersonator.

Tonto and the Lone Ranger.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, as dogs.

Mt. Ruffmore.

Cat on a hot tin ruff.


(Hasn’t aired yet.)

The Smurfs.

Sexy cop and Albert Einstein.

Willy Wonka.

Raggedy C-3PO and Raggedy Ann.

Indiana Jones.

Mommy Mummy, Edward Scissorhands, and Queen Latifah from her U.N.I.T.Y. Phase

Sumo wrestler.

(Hasn’t aired yet.)

(Hasn’t aired yet.)



(Hasn’t aired yet.)

Raggedy mouse.


(Hasn’t aired yet.)

Demon blood thing?

Little Bo Peep.

Angel, stupid Manny, devil.



Evel Knievel and illegal alien.

Mr. Roarke from Fantasy Island and matador.

Nemo’s father.

Sexy nurse.

Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games.

(Hasn’t aired yet.)

Pumpkin head.

Doctor princess.


Nancy Reagan, Charlie Brown, and Electoral College.


Just look at Creed.

George Michael.

Black Widow.

Sexy Toby.

Pirate, princess, and cop.


Rosie the Riveter and Lolo Jones.

(Hasn’t aired yet.)


Homers’ club.

Wereprechaun and Psy.

The Avengers.

Psys & Co.

Psy and Louise ears from Bob’s Burgers.


George as Noah and Noah as George.

American Gothic.

Velma Dinkley.

Fred Jones.

Daphne Blake.



Generic horror costumes and The Dude.

I’ll let these speak for themselves: