A Former ‘Community’ Cast Member Will Be Returning For The Season Finale

Spoilers below for the season finale of Community, so if you want to remain completely surprised, do not read ahead.

I would love to tell you that Donald Glover and/or Chevy Chase are returning for the season — and likely series — finale of Community (and maybe they will, and their cameos are just being kept hidden), but neither one of those have been officially announced in the synopsis for the finale.

However, one former cast member will be returning, according to a synopsis posted on Reddit: Yvette Nicole Brown.

We haven’t seen Brown since she left the show in the sixth season premiere, but when it was announced that she’d be leaving Community to care for her ailing father and join the cast of CBS’s The Odd Couple, she did say that she’d make herself available for guest appearances, as Dan Harmon saw fit.

The description of the final episode, however, would give Harmon the perfect opportunity to bring back Glover:

As their sixth year at Greendale draws to a close, Abed (Danny Pudi) asks everyone to imagine pitching a TV show about what they would do in season seven.

That’s a very meta plotline, even for a series already as meta as Community, but it should make for a great send-off for the Greendale gang, assuming that Yahoo can’t corral the cast to return for another season. However, it seems that most of the cast — save for Joel McHale — are very ambivalent about returning for another year. On the other hand, Dan Harmon didn’t apparently write the season finale with the intent of ending the show.

In other words, who knows?

The Community season/series finale airs on Tuesday (so catch up on the season this weekend, if you haven’t already).

Source: Reddit