A Hero News Anchor Accidentally Called A Food Truck A ‘F*ck Truck’ On Live TV

Life & Culture Editor
05.01.15 11 Comments

One news anchor is probably glad it’s Friday after a video of him referring to a food truck as something much more intimate has surfaced on YouTube.

Posted by News Funnies, the video shows the anchor not only swearing, but dealing with the fallout of his accidental curse. At least his co-workers seem supportive, and also very awkward about the whole thing. But how can you blame the guy for screwing that up (it’s taking every ounce of effort on my part not to type that he effed it up) and using the f-word when the segment on food truck fanatics comes right after the segment on springtime romance? If you’re reading this, news anchor who swore on television, I’d recommend you use that defense to keep your job. If nothing else, though, at least you’re now in the News Blooper Hall of Fame! Congratulations!

Source: News Funnies

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