A New ‘Constantine’ Trailer Hints That More Than One DC Hero Is Showing Up

NBC’s Constantine is actually starting to look quite good. The pilot is directed by Neil Marshall and the show itself went straight to series as part of NBC’s bid to create a horror/fantasy block on Friday nights. And the new trailer indicates DC is not screwing around with its characters.

Really, we can sum up how this show just got a lot more interesting in one screencap:

For those who aren’t total nerds, that would be the helmet of notable DC superhero/superheroine (it’s complicated) Doctor Fate. The Good Doctor is a major player in the DC supernatural universe and has been since the ’30s. If they’re rolling that out, especially early on, that means they’re not going to be shy about other characters.

Similarly, this gentleman turning up is rather interesting:

Admittedly, it could just be a ghost in a fedora. But considering the source material, and the fact that he’s fairly prominently featured, it seems a possibility this could be the Phantom Stranger, another heavy-hitter in the DC mystical world.

Also, a dude gets impaled with a power line, so it’s nice to see this show won’t be shy with the gore. Constantine will debut October 24th on NBC.