Aaron Paul Doesn’t Mind The Jokes About Him Being Twice As Old As Jesse Pinkman On ‘Better Call Saul’

Jesse Pinkman is 20 years old in the Better Call Saul episode where he meets Kim Wexler. Mezcal mogul Aaron Paul is, needless to say, not 20 years old. He’s 42, so despite the best efforts of the costume and makeup departments and his boyish look, some internet rascals made jokes about Paul looking literally twice as old as his character.

Not that the Emmy-winning actors minds.

“I haven’t aged a bit, let’s be honest,” he told the Hollywood Reporter with a laugh. “There’s always going to be people who poke at something. Obviously, I’ve aged; we’ve all aged. But it’s fun, so let that go. I had the time of my life back then, and when I jumped into his skin now, I had the time of my life again.” Paul continued:

“So it was interesting to just be as playful as I could possibly be with him. Pinkman was without a care in the world at that time, especially when you compare it to what lies ahead in his very near future. So it was a beautiful challenge.”

Paul also confirmed that although Jesse Pinkman “will always have a special place inside of me,” he can “confidently say that [Better Call Saul] was the last time we’re going to see Pinkman.” So you don’t have to worry about Paul pulling a How Do You Do, Fellow Kids, Yo in another 20 years.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)