Aaron Paul Recaps ‘Breaking Bad’ At Lighting Speed To Get You Prepared For ‘El Camino’

The most amusing aspect ahead of Breaking Bad‘s upcoming Netflix sequel movie, El Camino, is that, well, even Breaking Bad fans admit that it’d be very difficult to undertake rewatching the series. Not only do five seasons exist, for which there’s a quantity factor involved, but the content is often brutal to witness. Aaron Paul, who’s obviously returning as Jesse Pinkman for the movie, suggested his personal choice for an episode that’ll get you up to speed on Jesse’s mindset. Additionally, I’m still maintaining that this episode is a good primer on the Jesse-Walter White dynamic, and of course, there’s the series finale, “Felina.” However, if all you really want is a breakdown of the key happenings in the whole darn series, Paul is happy to oblige with that as well.

While visiting Jimmy Kimmel, Paul rattled off the essentials in only two-and-a-half minutes. These include the setup and highlights of the series, all presented at a dizzying pace, with special emphasis here: “I say ‘bitch‘ a lot.” He catches us up on Tuco’s death and Walt getting naked and, later, tossing a pizza on a roof, and the more gruesome developments as well as the shattering ones, like “Jessica Jones choked on her own vomit.” Even moments like the latter one get the animated treatment from Paul, so they don’t seem as awful as watching them happen again. Oh, and there’s this:

Paul: “We kill a fly.”

Kimmel: “Wait, wait, wait, you kill a fly?”

Paul: “Yes, yes, it was an entire episode!

Netflix’s El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie streams on Friday.