The ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ And ‘The Walking Dead’ Crossover Theory Has Basically Been Confirmed

Earlier this week, AMC confirmed the addition of two new cast members to Fear the Walking Dead: Garrett Dillahunt and Jenna Elfman. This is actually a big deal for a The Walking Dead universe that has historically hired mostly unknown and little known actors, with the exception of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on TWD.

Clearly, Fear the Walking Dead is aiming to gain back some of the viewers it’s lost over the last three seasons, and the addition of Elfman (a veteran sitcom actress) and Dillahunt (a veteran and beloved character actor) should help immensely, not to mention the fact that the third season (especially the back eight) was as good as this season of The Walking Dead has been. I also expect that the addition of Eflman and Dillahunt will mean at least a couple of the characters whose lives hung in the balance at the end of the third season won’t make it to the fourth.

Not for nothing, but with the addition of the new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg and a cast that could potentially include Dillahunt, Elfman, Kim Dickens, James Le Gros, and Ray Dickens, I am legitimately stoked about what’s in store for season four.

One other thing that we know about season four is that it will be set in Texas. AMC announced that despite what departing Fear the Walking Dead showrunner suggested at the end of season three, the show will move to Texas, about 1500 miles away from where it is currently set on the California and Mexico border. Erickson previously had stated that the talk of moving to Houston by the villainous character played by Ray McKinnon in the finale was a “happy coincidence.” That seems to suggest that Ray McKinnon will return for the fourth season (and he has the potential to be an amazing long-term villain), but it also seems to confirm the theory that Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham from The Walking Dead will be crossing over into Fear the Walking Dead.

Recall that Eugene had stumbled upon Abraham in Houston and saved Abraham from killing himself after Abraham had killed four men responsible for the rape of his wife (Abraham’s family was so distraught by the violence that Abraham unleashed that they fled, but were devoured by zombies). At the time of his wife’s rape, Abraham was holed up in a grocery store with friends, and it’s not impossible to imagine that those friends might be Fear the Walking Dead characters. It’s also not hard to imagine that the crossover appearance my be more than a one-off appearance in an episode. Abraham could potentially become a part of Fear’s cast, and Fear could act as a sort of an Abraham prequel.

Plus, if Abraham and Eugene traveled all the way from Houston to Virginia, it’s not out of the question to imagine that the Fear the Walking Dead characters eventually make their way to Alexandria, too. There’s even some speculation, far fetched though it may be, that Madison Clark could be the leader of the Whisperers, the next major group of villains that Rick and Co. face on The Walking Dead after the All Out War. Should AMC eventually decide to merge the two shows, they’ve certainly created an opportunity. With Elfman and Dillahunt and the much improved storylines, however, I am hopeful that Fear can eventually surpass the struggling The Walking Dead in terms of creative strength.