‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Pointing Out Something Sad About Kylo Ren’s ‘Undercover’ Return To ‘SNL’

This weekend’s SNL, with host Adam Driver and musical guest Halsey, was arguably the strongest episode of the season (Chance the Rapper and Eddie Murphy are also in contention), and the best sketch was also the most anticipated. Nearly four years to the day after the world was introduced to Matt the Technician, Driver reprised his role as Kylo Ren in “Undercover Boss: Where Are They Now,” which takes place between the events of The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. It couldn’t take place after The Rise of Skywalker, because, well, you know… If you don’t know, beware, spoilers are coming.

In Episode IX, Kylo Ren tracks down Emperor Palpatine; urges Rey to join him so they can take down her grandpa Sheev together; gets Force-healed by Rey; renounces the “Kylo Ren” name and becomes Ben Solo again; helps Rey defeat Palpatine; then dies. Star Wars has brought characters back from the dead before, but no matter how many times #SaveBenSolo trends, Ben/Kylo/Matt/Randy/whatever can’t be saved; he’s gone.

That’s partially because Driver doesn’t seem interested in playing the character again in a spin-off or Disney+ series, but considering the response to The Rise of Skywalker, I’m also guessing Disney is ready to leave the Skywalker Saga characters behind for good. Which means, SNL was probably the last time we’ll ever see Driver as Kylo Ren, with or without the high pants. Some Star Wars fans are having a hard time processing this.

That should be a thumbs-down. If you haven’t watched, here’s the sketch.