Adam Driver Is Tortured By Kate McKinnon In The ‘SNL’ Season Premiere Promo

This Saturday Adam Driver returns to Saturday Night Live to host Kanye West’s unofficial album release party. For his first promo, Driver walks through the halls of Studio 8H in black and white and explains what a blur it was the first time he hosted SNL. The same clip from his first hosting gig plays over and over, frustrating Driver. Why does he keep hearing himself sing “I can show you the world?” Because Kate McKinnon really wanted to be in that episode’s Aladdin sketch and she sabotaged him. That’s right. Kate McKinnon edits Saturday Night Live promos. Is there no limit to her talents?

The Aladdin sketch aired when Driver hosted SNL in January 2016. Instead of McKinnon, it was Cecily Strong who got to play Jasmine and sing alongside Driver and get hit in the face with a big fat bird. Here’s the original sketch:

Did you know that the voice of Aladdin in the Disney version of Aladdin was provided by Steve from Full House? Things sure have changed since the days when Steve from Full House could voice the lead in a huge Disney movie. These days you would need a really big star like Adam Driver. Or the guy who plays Steve in Fuller House. (His name is Scott Weinger, by the way.)