Adam Sandler Tells Howard Stern How He And Chris Farley Responded To Getting Fired From ‘SNL’

Adam Sandler rarely speaks with the press — he went over 20 years between magazine profiles before recently agreeing to sit down with the New York Times (it’s a must read) — but he rarely makes movies like the skeezy indie drama Uncut Gems. So he’ll sit through the post-screening Q&As and sit-downs with journalists, if it gets people to see it, or as he told Howard Stern, “I love the movie. Now I gotta f*cking talk about it.”

Sandler recently appeared on The Howard Stern Show, where he talked about Uncut Gems, playing pranks on his next-door neighbor Conan O’Brien, and getting fired from SNL. “At the time, I was hurt because I didn’t know what I else was going to do,” he told Stern. “And I know it wasn’t Lorne’s decision. The NBC head dude, I know he didn’t like our gang, me and [Chris] Farley… Maybe I would have never left, because I’m not good at saying goodbye. They had to get rid of me some time… Put a lump in my throat.”

“I remember when I saw Farley, and he said, ‘Me too, they don’t want me either,’ we were both like, ‘F*ck this shit.’ We got mad together, pretended we weren’t sad, and pretended this was for the best.” (Via)

If there are still hard feelings between Sandler and Lorne, you wouldn’t know it; the Murder Mystery star was part of SNL‘s 40th anniversary special and he hosted an episode last season (I think about the “Romano Tours” sketch a lot). Stern also asked Sandler about the deserved Oscar buzz surrounding his Uncut Gems performance. Sandler had a good response, threatening, “If I don’t get it, I’m going to f*cking come back and do one again that is so bad on purpose just to make you all pay.” It’s either Oscar nominee Adam Sandler or Grown Ups 3: This Time They Fart In a Museum.

It’s your choice, Academy.

(Via the AV Club and Howard Stern)