Adrianne Palicki Hops Aboard Seth MacFarlane’s Upcoming Fox Space Dramedy

The upcoming Fox curio that is Seth MacFarlane’s new live-action space dramedy has some fresh names to add to the cast. ACTOR TYPE NAMES!

According to DeadlineFriday Night Lights alum (and one-time potential Wonder Woman) Adrianne Palicki has been tapped to star opposite MacFarlane in the project. Set in the 24th century, the series centers around the Orville, an exploratory ship with assorted troubles and probably home to the occasional MacFarlane crooning session. The Family Guy czar plays the ship’s captain Ed and Palicki steps into the role of Ed’s ex-wife who’s been recently appointed to the role of first officer.

In addition to bringing Palicki onboard, the show will also feature Scott Grimes in the role of Ed’s best bud that pilots the interstellar craft. Grimes and MacFarlane have worked together for quite a while thanks to Grimes doing some borderline miraculous vocal work as Steve Smith on American Dad. Ideally, we’ll get Grimes singing the theme song, but we are mentally steeling ourselves for that not happening.

To put it diplomatically, MacFarlane’s experienced mixed results with the live-action fare he’s shepherded to network TV. The MacFarlane produced sitcoms The Winner and Dads are remembered with all the fondness of a turd wedged in your sneaker, but he did score a fair bit of critical goodwill with his revival of Cosmos. Only time and instantaneous Twitter takes will reveal which camp this new offering is going to fall into.

(Via DeadlineEntertainment Weekly)