The Best Thing On TV Last Night Was An R&B Song About Banging Moms

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04.28.14 14 Comments

With all due respect to Ser Pounce and Joan’s boots, the clear winner in last night’s There’s So Much Good TV on Sunday Night, Why Can’t At Least One Show Move to Monday When There’s Hardly Anything Worth Watching on Anymore contest involved a teenage boy with abs wanting to bone his mom. We talk so much about Game of Thrones and Mad Men that it’s easy to overlook the quietly excellent seasons Fox’s Bob’s Burgers and American Dad! are having, so I’m going to do my part and direct you to a clip from the latter, in which Steve Smith pulls a D’Angelo and sings a shirtless, soulful R&B ballad.

It’s a shame that unlike Bob’s Burgers, American Dad! hasn’t released a soundtrack album of original sounds yet (there’s Rachael MacFarlane’s Hayley Sings, but that barely counts, except in the nepotism department). The world needs Scott Grimes singing Keith Sweat now more than ever.

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