A&E Orders ‘Bottled Sadness’

06.25.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

A&E has ordered a show from Ryan Seacrest’s production company called “The Incurables.” I based my headline and the banner photo on the assumption that it’s about people with terminal illnesses like cancer and full-blown AIDS.

The cable network, home of such docu series about afflictions asIntervention, Obsessed and Hoarders, has ordered a pilot for The Incurables, which will offer a look into the lives of ordinary people on the verge of a personal crisis over their irrational behavior.

Each 60-minute episode would feature [British self-help guru Paul] McKenna trying to help two ‘incurable’ people with different psychological and/or physical conditions using his transformation techniques. Examples include the uncontrollable shouting and bizarre facial tics of a man suffering from Tourettes Syndrome and the shocking sight of a woman pulling out and eating her own hair (Tricotilla Mania). [Deadline]

Aw, dammit. That messes up my headline. The Incurables are actually curable? That’s crap. I want a show where the doctors come in and are like, “Well, not much we can do now but make sure he’s comfortable.” Then the last twenty minutes of the show is slow-motion shots of the family crying. Coming to ABC next fall!

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