Ah-Mah-Zing: The 80 Greatest GIFs from 'Happy Endings'

Sadly, “Happy Endings” closes out its second season tomorrow night. It doesn’t get the attention of “Community” or “Parks and Recreation,” but “Happy Endings” has quietly become one of the best sitcoms on television, thanks mostly to one of the best cast around. More than any other sitcom, really, the cast looks like they’re having a blast making the show. There’s no dead weight, either: Each character has a purpose. A year ago, I’d have never guessed that Elisha Cuthbert could be a legitimate comedic actress, but she’s brilliant in “Happy Endings.” In fact, each character has managed to steal a show at least once (and before you rule out Dave, remind yourself of the perm episode). I alternate weekly between favorite characters. You can watch the first four and a half minutes of the finale here, but personally, I’m going to wait and enjoy the entire experience uninterrupted.

What’s also remarkable is how GIFable “Happy Endings” is, which has a lot to do with the zany physical comedy of the show. To celebrate its GIFableness, I’ve put together a massive slideshow of the 80 best GIFs from the show’s first two seasons. I know, you’re probably like, “What? 80 GIFs. Dude! I do have a life.” Honestly, though, I couldn’t stop myself. I spent all day Sunday collecting these, and while I managed to trim another 50 or so out of it, I didn’t want to shortchange fans of the show of the rest. There’s so many more I’m even tempted to add. They’re all so good (if I had to pick a favorite, however, it’s #63, although #56 is probably the closest thing there is to Alison Brie running). If you don’t care for the show, don’t waste your time. But if you love “Happy Endings,” I think the entire slideshow is the GIF treat that keeps on giving. Plus, I timed it: A casual stroll through only takes two minutes and 58 seconds. It might be the best three minutes of your day.