Al Roker Says He’s Getting Rich Off Of Sharting In The White House

Since the beginning of time, man has been seeking ways to get ahead of his fellow man — little secrets, if you will, to being successful. Just stroll the self-help/motivational section of your local bookstore and you’ll see that sharing secrets — or fooling people into thinking you’re sharing secrets — to getting ahead and becoming wealthy is a multi-million dollar commerce machine.

Now today noted sharter Al Roker is here to share his secret to getting rich: tell the world how you sharted in your pants in the White House!

Yes, when asked by MediaBistro in an interview on the street about the attention his recent revelation received, Roker blamed “a website” for turning it into a big deal, but said that he’s “laughing all the way to the bank,” presumably because his fellow sharters all rushed out to buy his new book on sharting, or something.

I love this: “It wasn’t until it was picked up by a website…the story had been out there for three days, no big deal. But when you put it on a website…”

Yes, Al. Just put something on any old website and then the whole world knows about it. Old people and their bafflement of the internet will never not be amusing to me.