Albert Brooks May Be The Most Versatile Guest Star In ‘Simpsons’ History

While never an official cast member, Albert Brooks has undeniably been an essential part of The Simpsons. Over the course of the show’s run, he’s given us many hilarious characters that, despite only appearing once or twice, will be remembered forever. Since today is Brook’s birthday, let’s take a look at the memorable characters he’s brought to life on this legendary show.

Bob The RV Salesman

In “Call Of The Simpsons,” Homer wants to one-up Ned Flanders by buying a bigger RV than his. He meets Bob, a slick salesman who is more than ready to overcharge Homer for the biggest machine he has, until he finds out that Homer can’t afford it. He ends up getting stuck with the worst RV on the lot instead.

Memorable line: “Have you ever known a siren to be good?”


After Homer inexplicably decides to give Marge a bowling ball for her birthday she decides to actually go bowling with it, mostly to spite Homer who likely wanted the ball for himself. While there, she meets Jacques, a smooth-talking Frenchman who teaches Marge the finer points of bowling and doesn’t waste time making his move. Still angry with Homer, Marge seriously considers having an affair but after driving down “that ironic street” she ultimately decides against it.

Memorable line: (on brunch) “It’s not quite breakfast, it’s not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end.”

Brad Goodman

A pitch-perfect parody of the self-experts of the ’80s and ’90s, Brad Goodman promises salvation to Springfield, but as Lisa points out, he simply peddles a bunch of easy answers (and how!). He gives the town the terrible advice to act like Bart Simpson, which naturally leads to immediate chaos.

Memorable line: (to Troy McClure during his self-help infomercial) “I’m not happy you’re still drinking. But at least you’re down to one from more than fifty.”

Hank Scorpio

Possibly the greatest one-off Simpsons character, Scorpio was a supervillain bent on world domination, but he was also a really good boss (even if he didn’t like the word “boss”). Despite being ruthlessly evil, Scorpio would do anything for his employees, which is why Homer was so content working for him. The scene of Scorpio blowing up everything in sight while Homer is completely oblivious to everything going on is too perfect for words. Homer would go back to working for Mr. Burns at the episode’s end, but he never had a better employer than Hank Scorpio.

Memorable line: There’s too many to choose from, but I’m partial to this exchange:

“What your least favorite country, Italy or France?”


“Nobody ever says Italy.”

Tab Spangler

When Bart put on weight from all the fattening snacks at school, he was sent off to a fat camp and Tab Spangler was the counselor tasked with getting him back into shape. He tries his best to crack Bart, but nothing works. The only way to get Bart to reform his ways is to take him back home and show him that in order to pay for his treatment, Homer and Marge have turned their home into youth hostel, where they are badgered about America’s policies by German backpackers.

Memorable line: “Strudel-sucking globbenheimer. Think about that. It’s what the world thinks of you.”

Russ Cargil

In The Simpsons Movie, Springfield’s pollution problem becomes a major issue after Homer dumps a silo of pig crap into a lake, causing the town to be put under a giant dome. The person behind this is Russ Cargil, an aid to President Schwarzenegger who is secretly bent on blowing Springfield to smithereens.

Memorable line: (after being told he’d gone mad with power) “Of course I have! Have you tried going mad without power? It’s boring, no one listens to you!”

Dr. Raufbold

Brooks’ most recent character appeared in last season’s “Bull-E.” When Springfield decides to enact tougher bullying laws, Homer is arrested for his continued shabby treatment of Flanders. Dr. Raufbold is sent in to reform Homer and the rest of the town’s bullies. Eventually, he gets all the bullies (including Agnes Skinner) to crack and reform their rotten ways.

Memorable line: (after the bullies leave treatment) “Oh, I forgot ‘remorse.’ Eh, it’s probably not a big deal.”