Alec Baldwin And Anderson Cooper Got Into A Twitter Feud Last Night. Maybe.

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11.19.13 26 Comments

We may have yet another chapter in the Alec Baldwin saga. Currently the official twitter account of Baldwin’s website is feuding with Anderson Cooper over comments made on “AC360.” Cooper was notably upset over Baldwin’s alleged use of a gay slur last week and it would seem that there is a lot of tension bubbling under the surface.

Then the Alec Baldwin Twitter account sprang into action

And of course Cooper responded

Now it isn’t known if Alec Baldwin is behind these tweets or someone who works for him. The account is followed by Baldwin’s own ABFoundation account which spawned numerous tweets aimed at Cooper before this incident. That has me leaning towards Baldwin’s hands being in the pot somehow.

Either way, Anderson Cooper does not mince words and will defend them fiercely through multiple forms of media coverage. We’ll keep an eye on it until everything is whitewashed and swept under the rug by morning.

Via AlecBaldwin / andersoncooper

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